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PURE EV has successfully launched the first-of-a-kind Electric Vehicle Exchange Program, setting a new benchmark in the automotive industry. The Vehicle Exchange Camp caters not only to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) 2-wheelers but also extends its benefits to EV enthusiasts. This pioneering approach has garnered exceptional responses from consumers, leading to a significant influx of exchange transactions and new bookings.

In a market where there are over 10 crore ICE 2-wheelers across Pan India, PURE EV aims to tap into this vast consumer base by offering an attractive proposition. During the exchange camp, consumers bring in their used Electric/petrol 2-wheelers, and local experts provide on-the-spot valuations at PURE EV dealer locations. The valuation amount is then seamlessly deducted from the purchase of a brand-new PURE EV vehicle, effectively minimizing the EMI down payment and allowing customers to adjust the balance loan payments through manageable EMIs without a substantial upfront cost.

This strategic initiative not only benefits the consumers but also aims to create a positive pressure environment. By attracting a significant number of 2-wheeler users in each locality, PURE EV intends to stimulate exchange walk-ins and bookings, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts regular walk-ins for direct purchases. The goal is to penetrate the market further by enticing consumers of other EV brands with the unique Electric Vehicle Exchange Program. Owners of ICE two-wheelers from various brands have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to switch to EV vehicles, attracted by the compelling value proposition offered by the program.

Over a thousand consumers have participated in the exchange program and have exchanged their old vehicles with new PURE vehicles. A compelling incentive, with a maximum value of up to Rs 38,000, was extended to consumers based on the condition of their vehicles. Following the tremendous success of the program during the Dussehra and Diwali seasons, PURE EV proudly announces its continuation during the upcoming Pongal and Padwa festivals, drawing attention not only from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) 2-wheeler owners but also from users of other EV brands.

Mr. Rohit Vadera, CEO, PURE EV

“We are thrilled to witness the overwhelming response to our EV Vehicle Exchange Program during the festive seasons, and we are excited to extend this opportunity to even more consumers during the upcoming Pongal and Padwa festivals. We are proud to announce that PURE is the first EV 2-Wheeler brand in India to create the used vehicle market for Electric vehicles. This also proves the company’s capabilities in refurbishing and recycling of key components, thereby enabling circular economy in EV ecosystem,” said Mr. Rohit Vadera, CEO, PURE EV.

With this groundbreaking approach, PURE EV is not only contributing to environmental sustainability but is also reshaping the EV landscape by making it financially accessible and attractive to a wider demographic.

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  1. A non existent company kitna Paisa Mila ye article likhne ka this company has not even sold 1000 units in nov 23 brings all the parts from china and assembles it here

  2. So what they will do with the old fuel bikes will it be recycled or will it be sold in market again a standard value for exchange will assure the recycling a random range upto 38000 indirectly gives way for reselling which is a reselling business and doesn’t promote any Environmental sustainablety instead of exchange convert their old vehicles to EV which means a lot in ur business

  3. This company is doing fraud with the existing customers.Their credibility is very poor. The batteries of a batch of scooters are complaint .I am also a customer. But they not ready to replace the complaint battery. My money lost.


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