West Bengal Electric Vehicle Policy 2021

    The West Bengal EV policy 2021 has been Announced intending to promote the use of electric vehicles to enable the transition to eco-friendly cities of the state.

    Targeted of West Bengal EV Policy 2021

    • the Government of West Bengal has set for itself an ambitious target to be one among est the top three best states in India in terms of the electric mobility penetration by the end of Fame 2 the implementation year 2022 and further the state will target to be the best in electric mobility penetration by 2030. 
    • The West Bengal EV policy target I to have 10 lakh electric vehicle, combined across all segments of vehicles during the policy implementation. 
    • the tar gate is to have 1,00,000 public,semi-public charging stations during the policy implementation
    • Achieve an electric vehicle/ public charge point ratio of 8 by the implementation of the policy. create a robust infrastructure for an electric vehicle including an adequate power supply and network of charging points with favourable power traffic. 
    • recycle and reuse used batteries and dispose of the rejected batteries in an environment-friendly manner to avoid pollution. 

    Support for EV Charging Infrastructure Under EV Policy

    • Facilities will be provided to setup swapping station in the form of a kiosk to service 2 and 3 wheelers
    • existing private buildings such as malls and other commercial buildings will be incentivized to set up charging/battery swapping stations
    • DISCOM will release supply to charging/battery-swapping station within 48 hours of application. 

    Download West Bengal EV Policy 2021 (PDF)