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Volvo Eicher CVs Luxury Electric Bus

The Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) joint venture showcased its various products on Wednesday at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023, which includes a range of future-ready mobility solutions. Under this Eicher Motors launched India’s longest 13.5-meter Intercity Electric Coach. The brand claimed a driving range of 500 km with 45 minutes of charging which is the longest luxury electric bus in India.

Volvo Eicher Electric Intercity Coach 


India’s longest electric intercity coach was exhibited by the Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle joint venture as well as the Eicher Pro 2049 electric 4.9 tonnes GVW truck and the Eicher Pro 80 Read on App vehicle were on exhibit, both of which were created expressly to satisfy the demands for clean transport in long haul applications. They also displayed a hydrogen fuel cell truck prototype and a hydrogen ICE engine. These advanced technologies provide a promising route to having no tailpipe emissions and are in line with the Green Hydrogen Mission of the Indian government.


The electric intercity bus has a range of up to 500 kilometers and can also travel using a combination of convenient locations for 30 to 40 minutes of charging.

The electric intercity bus is 13.5 meters long, which the joint venture between Volvo Group and Eicher Motors claims to be the longest EV in the sector.

In particular, for the e-commerce sector, the EV will be appropriate for sustainable first and last-mile delivery options. This vehicle is environmentally friendly and lowers the cost of first and last-mile deliveries in the e-commerce industry. The vehicle has connectivity, smart technology, an ergonomically built interior, an aspirational exterior, and a world-class cabin. It has a contemporary dual-tone instrument display, tilt, and telescopic steering controls, and high capacity battery.

Additionally, it sports a digital instrument panel and four-way adjustable driver seats. It has a 64 kWh battery that can power it for up to 174 kilometers and has fast charging capabilities.


Volvo and Eicher Commercial Vehicle are dedicated to the rapidly modernizing Indian logistics ecosystem through application-specific alternative fuels and smart support solutions. This commitment is in line with the government’s vision for sustainable, effective, and affordable logistics. These cutting-edge technologies provide a promising route to having no tailpipe emissions and are in line with the Green Hydrogen Mission of the Indian government.

Their fully linked ecosystem supports Eicher and Volvo trucks and buses, enabling them to fulfill their commitment to their clients regarding productivity and uptime. VECV is well-positioned to seize the opportunity and play a transformative role in the Indian CV industry under the banner of smart sustainability.

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