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RunR HS Electric Scooter

RunR Mobility, Vadodara, Gujarat-based EV startup also known as MECPower Mobility Pvt. Ltd., is announcing the highly anticipated launch of the RunR HS EV model, a significant milestone in sustainable transportation. This cutting-edge electric scooter combines advanced technology, exceptional performance, and a sleek design to deliver an unparalleled driving experience for eco-conscious individuals. With its power-packed lithium-ion battery and impressive range, the RunR HS EV is the ideal choice for both urban commutes and long-distance journeys.

Color Options 


The RunR HS EV is available in 5 vibrant colors, allowing customers to personalize their scooters and make a statement while embracing green mobility.

Battery Pack & Range 

A standout feature of the RunR HS EV is its innovative battery system. Equipped with 60 V 40 AH Li-on liquid-cooled wire bounded batteries, the scooter utilizes a state-of-the-artcan-based Battery Management System (BMS). With a remarkable range of up to 110 kilometers per charge, the RunR HS sets a new standard for environmentally friendly transportation.

Look & Design 

Emphasizing both style and security, the E-Scooter boasts a contemporary look and incorporates many cutting-edge features. The inclusion of alloy wheels and brilliant LED tail lights further enhances safety and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the RunR HS introduces convenient battery-changing technology, providing real-time battery information for a seamless and worry-free riding experience. The smart high-speed model, RunR HS features a high-contrast color LCD display, offering users an intuitive interface to access various functions and information.



Prices for two-wheeler electric vehicles are set to climb dramatically as the Ministry of Heavy Industries considers increasing the expenditure for EV two-wheelers while decreasing the subsidy per unit. While this reduction may have an influence on the affordability of electric two-wheelers for consumers, RunR Mobility has adopted a different strategy. In the middle of this subsidy reduction, RunR Mobility debuted its HS EV model at a fairly affordable pricing point. RunR Mobility aims to mitigate the consequences of the subsidy reduction and continue to promote the adoption of electric mobility by providing an affordable electric vehicle option. Their strategic approach attempts to create trust in the eyes of Indian and worldwide shoppers who are looking forward to innovative, inexpensive, and 100% indigenous electric vehicles. This demonstrates their dedication to making sustainable mobility solutions available to a broader audience.

 Words by the Management 

“The RunR HS EV represents a significant leap forward in the electric scooter market,” Commenting on the launch, Mr. Setul Shah, Founder of RunR Mobility said, “We take immense pride in introducing this innovative and sustainable solution that not only offers a convenient and affordable mode of transport but also actively reduces carbon emissions, contributing to greener cities and a brighter future. With its exceptional performance, striking design, and innovative features, we believe that RunR HS EV will revolutionize the electric vehicle experience and pave the path for a cleaner and more sustainable world.”

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