Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy 2021

Odisha government has drafted “Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021” to make Odisha a model state for the promotion of EVs through adoption, customization, research, and development.

Incentives for Electric Two wheeler/ Three wheeler/ private cars( LMVs)

Nearly 82% of all new vehicles registered in the State comprise two-wheelers. It is the most popular segment of vehicles which contribute a major part to air pollution. Similarly, three-wheelers numbers 3.06% and Cars (LMVs) 7.04% of total registered vehicles. It is, therefore, necessary to offer good incentives to create demand generation among the public for these vehicles.

Purchase incentives at the following rates shall be made available

Category of vehicle % Of subsidy The maximum amount of subsidy
Electric Two-wheelers 15%Rs. 5000/-
Electric Three-wheelers15%Rs.12,000/-
Electric Four Wheelers15%Rs. 1,00,000/-

To avail of the above incentive, the electric two-wheelers have to fulfill the performance and efficiency eligibility criteria as in FAME India Phase-II as under:

Criteria Threshold Value
Min. top speed40km/hour
Min. acceleration0.65m/s2
Max. electric energy consumptionNot exceeding 7kWh/ 100km
WarrantyAt least 3 years comprehensive warranty including that of battery from the manufacturer

Incentives & Subsidies on electric Buses Under Odisha EV Policy

  • Government of Odisha will provide appropriate incentives and other Support to ensure that pure electric buses constitute at least 50% of all new stage carriages procured for the city buses in next five years.
  • A subsidy of 10% (maximum limit of Rs. 20 lakhs per vehicle) shall be extended to the buyers for passenger buses registered in the State.
  • 100% SGST on the sale of electric buses sold and registered in the State will be reimbursed during the policy period.
  • 100% exemption on road tax & registration fees for the first four years will be made available.
  • Interest subvention of 5% on loans for the purchase of Electric Buses would be made available

Incentives EV Charging Infrastructure

Government will provide grant for purchase of charging equipment up to Rs.5000/- for the first 20,000 such points. Grants shall be available those points which will comply all the electrical norms specified by the Electricity Distribution Companies operating in the State.

Download Odisha EV Policy 2021 Draft (PDF)