Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy 2021

    The Maharashtra government has introduced Maharashtra electric vehicle policy 2021 to accelerate the adoption of BEVs in the state so that they contribute to 10% of new vehicle registrations by 2025.  The Government of Maharashtra will provide fiscal incentives, to the buyers of EVs in the state.

    The incentives are linked to the vehicle type—two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, and buses— and to the vehicle use case. Vehicle models approved under the FAME II Scheme of Govt of India will be eligible for these incentives and the state incentives will be provided in addition to FAME II incentives.

    Demand Incentives for Electric Vehicles

    Vehicle Segment Incentive Available ( INR) No. of Vehicles to be IncentivizedMaximum Incentive per Vehicle (INR)

    Electric Two Wheeler  (L1 & L2) 

    5000/kwh1,00,000 10,000
    Electric 3 Wheeler autos (L5M) 5000/kwh 
    Electric 3 Wheeler goods carrier (L5N)  5000/kwh 
    Electric 4 Wheeler cars (M1)  5000/kwh 
    Electric 4 Wheeler goods carrier (N1)5000/kwh 
     Electric buses10% of vehicle Cost

    Vehicle Segment-wise Scrappage Incentives

    The vehicles eligible for demand incentives under this policy will be eligible for the scrappage incentive. Vehicle segment-wise scrappage incentives are described in Table Scrappage incentive shall be reimbursed by the Government of Maharashtra provided:

    • Evidence of matching contribution from the dealer or OEM
    • Confirmation of scrappage of the ICE vehicle in the same vehicle category
    Vehicle Segment Scrappage Incentive
    Electric Two-Wheeler  INR 7,000
    Electric Three-Wheeler INR 15,000
    Electric Four Wheeler INR 25,000

    Assured Buyback and Warranty Incentives in Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

    OEMs that offer buyback schemes for vehicles older than 5 years at a price not exceeding 7.5 percent per annum will be eligible for additional incentives as per the table. An OEM can avail both the incentives together, however, the total incentive amount will be limited to INR 12,000. It will be based on net worth over and above the incentives mentioned in Table 2 after considering all the above incentives.

    Incentives DescriptionIncentives
    Assured Buyback6% of total vehicle cost capped at INR 10,000/-
    Battery warranty of at least 5 years4% of total vehicle cost capped at INR 6,000/-

    Incentives for EV Charging Infrastructure

    Public and Semi-Public Charging Stations (PCS and SPCS), as defined in Annex 1, shall be eligible for demand incentive. The charging station will be eligible for the incentive only after the station starts operating. The operational guidelines will define the eligibility criteria for availing of these incentives. Public and semi-public charging stations availing FAME II charging infrastructure incentives will not be eligible for these incentives.

    Type of PCS/SPCSIncentive amountMaximum Incentive available per PCS/SPCSMaximum number of PCS/SPCS to be incentivized


    60% of the costINR 10,00015,000
    Moderate/fast50% of the cost
    INR 5,00,000

    Download Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 (PDF)