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The 2022 Lucid Air intends to be much more than a mere Tesla rip-off, with up to 520 miles of EPA-estimated all-electric range and 1111 horsepower. While Tesla is the most well-known electric vehicle manufacturer, Lucid Motors is best recognized for supplying batteries to Formula E race vehicles.

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With its all-new 2022 Lucid Air sedan, the startup firm now wants to compete with premium options like the Model S.

Lucid Air Price

Lucid AirStarting from $77,400


Lucid Air Specifications

Range520 Miles/ Charge
Battery Pack113 KWh
Top Speed168 MPH

Lucid Air Top Features 


By more than 100 miles, the Air Dream Edition outperforms Tesla’s longest-range model, the Model S Long Range Plus.

However, the additional range comes at a price, with the Dream Edition with 19-inch wheels beginning at $169,000. If the sticker price is too hot for you, you might want to hold off until 2022, when Lucid aims to sell a base model starting at $77,400.

The EPA also gave the Dream Edition with 21-inch wheels (481 miles), Dream Edition Performance (471 miles with 19-inch wheels and 451 miles with 21-inch wheels), and Grand Touring trim levels its ratings (516 miles with 19-inch wheels and 469 miles with 21-inch wheels).

The 113kWh battery pack and aerodynamic architecture of the Air contribute to the vehicle’s excellent range. Of fact, the range is very subjective, and the EPA rating is intended to offer a snapshot of Lucid Air’s performance under the agency’s testing conditions.

It usually excludes things like severe hill climbing and cold weather effects.

The Lucid Air comes with a sophisticated entertainment system that includes a huge higher display that flows out of the digitalized instrument cluster, as well as a tablet-like lower touchscreen that can be retracted into the dashboard and handles extra functions.

The system’s voice-recognition software, according to Lucid, will respond to normal speech patterns. An artificial assistant is also included in the UI, which learns the user’s favorite music and climatic settings. A series of toggles for temperature and fan speed, and also a roller to alter the level of the audio system, are located on the steering wheel in supplement to some tactile buttons.

Lucid Air Interior

Lucid electric car  Interior


Undoubtedly, the Lucid Air is a luxury vehicle, with a lavish cabin with rich elements and trimming technology. The huge passenger capacity of the sedan, highlighted by a wide rear seat, is something Lucid is particularly proud of.

While the normal rear seating is said to be comfortable for up to 3 adults, a premium rear seating option is available that includes extensive reclining functions for utmost comfort. The Air’s cabin will have a mostly glass roof, which will make it feel airier and improve outdoor visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What will be the Lucid Air price in India?

Ans: The Air Dream R is expected to cost more than $169,000 (approximately Rs 1,24,47,000), whereas the most recent Model S costs $90,000. (around Rs 66,29,000).

2. Where is the Lucid Air Manufacturing Plant?

Lucid Motors’ Lucid Air will be manufactured at their Advanced Manufacturing Plant in Casa Grande

3. Is Lucid Air a Chinese company?

Lucid Group, Inc. is a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer with headquarters in Newark, United States.

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