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  • Raft Motors India made India’s first highest-range electric scooter. The Indus NX Electric Scooter comes with a 450km+ range on a full Charge.
  • Raft INDUS NX  offers the highest range of any electric scooter

Raft Indus NX Electric Scooter 

The Maharashtra-based electric vehicle manufacturing company, The Raft Motors, came up with the New and Most Desired kind of two-wheeler that gives a whopping 450+ km on a single charge and it is the INDUS NX.

Not only is this exciting, but it is very cost-efficient too. With only 7 units, you can travel more than 450 km on a single charge. With a maximum of 10 paise per KM.

This raft motor uses a double lithium ion phosphate battery of 9.6 kWh, which is the most powerful battery provided by any electric vehicle with a 3-year warranty, and also provides an exciting offer on the battery which can provide you with a long time warranty on the battery till you use the vehicle. You get one fixed battery inside the foot mate and one detachable under the seat.


This vehicle will not just take you on a long run but also take you on a ride along with a maximum speed of 70+ km/hr and you can still get 400+ km on a single charge, which is still very high in the electric vehicle market. 


Motor typeBrushless DC motor (BLDC)
Motor Voltage60v (means you can charge it using a normal plug)
Battery typeLithium Ion Phosphate (High heat resistance and high power utilisation)
Battery Power30 Ah, 200Ah
Charger Rating10Amps
Charging time10 Hrs.
Max. load capacity150 kgs approx.
BrakesFront Disc and Back Drum
Tyre12” Tubeless tyre
Battery warranty**1 lakhs Km or 3yrs whichever is less.
Charger and controller1yr warranty




Price in India

The Ex-showroom price is Rs. 2,57,430/-, which may appear to be a bit high, but all that money is worth it because, as the company claims, you get the same in the long run and the performance is totally worth every penny you spent on this two-wheeler beast.


This is the world’s first and currently only two-wheeler present in the market that has no competition when it comes to range, as it’s more than 450+ km on a single charge and that’s at more than 55 km/hr, which is very huge.

Charging Time


With such a powerful battery, charging from zero to full takes about 10 hours. This may sound like a lot, but if you look into the ratio wise, it still uses one of the fastest charging technologies available on the market with automatic stop charging technology, which protects your battery.

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