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Delhi EV Policy 2023 

The government has decided to revise the electric vehicles policy for Delhi and will bring a new electric policy by this year, i.e. 2023. The Delhi government is already planning to update the present EV policy, which will end by August 2023. The Delhi EV policy was brought out to the public in the year, 2020. This was done to enhance electric vehicle sales in Delhi, and also for decreasing carbon emissions.

About Delhi EV Policy 2021

As per the report by the Hindustan Times, the previous policy has accomplished around 86% of the target set for it. One of the primary aims of the policy for electric vehicles is that at least one of the four automobiles in Delhi would be electric by the year,2024. When people changed buying internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles, most of the vehicles purchased were 3-wheelers and four-wheeler cabs.

Focused on personal EV Ownership

The government has thought to increase the EV infrastructure in Delhi, through a new EV policy, which will increase personal EV ownership there. Because the portion of personal EVs in the national capital is very less, i.e. only 3%. According to the statement of N. Mohan, the CEO of the Delhi EV department, “We will begin having stakeholder meetings, for getting opinions from original equipment manufacturers, dealers, customers, and experts on what can be updated in the policy, and how the targets can be viewed realistically. We know that establishing private charging infrastructure needs to be encouraged.”

EVs for the Public Transport 

The Delhi government wants to increase the portion of EVs in public transport, i.e. around 8000 electric buses would be there in Delhi by 2025. The Delhi government also has the objective of completing the electric vehicle transition of the delivery service fleet and all government official fleets to be done during that period.

Charging Infrastructure

After that policy was implemented, the government put about 4000 electric vehicle charging points, as per the Delhi electric vehicle department. Presently, approximately 300 electric buses are running in the city. And, by the end of 2024, around 1500 extra electric buses would be running in the city. The state government’s aim of having about 8000 electric buses by the year, 2025 will help Delhi in decreasing its Carbon footprint and pollution caused by ICE automobiles.


Delhi has developed a lot in the EV industry. The electric vehicle policy is very good, but it needs to be improved with respect to the charging infrastructure. Innovative motors and batteries should be designed to increase charging time and the time up to which charge remains in the batteries of electric vehicles.

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