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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/best-electric-rickshaw-conversion-kit-with-price-in-india/As fuel prices continue to skyrocket, retrofitting kits are becoming a popular option in a country like India. Retrofitting is customizing an old system by adding new technology.

In the coming years when all vehicles will be electric-powered, retrofitting services and conversion kits are in great demand. Since new electric vehicles cost more, not everyone can afford them. That’s where conversion kits come into play.

In a country like India, where auto-rickshaws are the major mode of public transport, converting them to e-rickshaws is becoming a necessity. Many companies have launched their own e-rickshaws, but not every rickshaw driver can afford to buy a new electric rickshaw due to their higher upfront cost.

In such a situation, remodeling the existing ICE rickshaw has become the need of the hour. The retrofitted auto will have the same seating capacity and design as the conventional one. The only difference it will make is that it tends to be more environmentally friendly, requires less maintenance, and costs you far less than it would cost to run a petrol engine three-wheeler. 

Electric Rickshaw Conversion Cost in India?

Depending on the model, a new ICE autorickshaw costs around Rs 2 to Rs 2.5 lakh. And converting an existing rickshaw into an electric rickshaw barely cost one-fifth of its price. Whereas a new electric rickshaw cost about 3.5 lakhs. Depending on certain factors, an electric rickshaw can save 40% to 50% of its running costs. 

Hence the cost of the kit can be recovered by the owners in about 12-15 months. Also upgrading the existing ICE 3-wheeler to an electric 3-wheeler can be done in no time. 

Below we have discussed the best electric rickshaw conversion kits available in India along with their price details.

Top Electric Rickshaw Conversion Kit With Price

1. RAC Energy RxEV300 Electric Propulsion Kit

RACEnergy is a Hyderabad-based electric vehicle start-up company, that makes retrofitting kits for auto rickshaws. It took approximately two years for the company to develop and test this conversion kit that can retrofit into a conventional three-wheeler rickshaw and convert them into E-rickshaw.

The cost of this conversion kit is approximately Rs. 50,000. Due to its competitive cost, this model stands out from others. This model is being operated on a battery-swapping model. Thus, the price of the battery is not included. The driver pays only for the amount of energy used at the battery swapping station. This conversion kit is running successfully in Hyderabad.

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The biggest advantage of battery swapping is that the rickshaw driver does not have to worry about managing the battery. The battery would be owned by the company only and the driver uses it as a service. We pay only for the amount of energy we use. Also, the absence of a gearbox and clutch helps the driver to drive flawlessly and pick up more rides than they would have earlier. 

This Electric Rickshaw Conversion kit comes with a battery monitoring display, efficiency meter, a fully digital instrumental cluster, and a smart alert. 


Motor Capacity 5000
Range 80-100km 
Top speed45Kmph
Transmission Automatic
Peak power6900W
Torque 45Nm


RxEV300 E rickshaw Conversion Kit Price 

PriceRs 50,000

2. Volta Passenger Retro 

Volta Automotive India Pvt Ltd. Is a company that manufactures electric vehicles as well as retrofitting models. These retrofitting models convert existing IC engine-based rickshaws into electric rickshaws. The company provides two retrofitting models one is in the 100km range and the other is in the 150km range. The only difference is the size of the battery. 

The kit has an optional GPS/GPRS system and a safety button with SMS. 


Top Speed50 Kmph
Battery5.4 kWh
Battery type LifePo4
Battery capacity 90-100km per single charge
Battery life2000 cycles
Power consumption per charge5.1 kWh units 
12 months 
Display Digital LCD display meter


Volta E-Rickshaw Conversion Kit Price Range 

  • For 100 km – Approx. 1,80,000 including GST
  • For 150 km – Approx. 2,45,000 including GST

3. MotorKit 48V 1200W E rickshaw motor kit


This kit by MotorKit, has high torque, 1200W motor, 70-amp controller with 32 tube throttle, and 33” / 35” rear axle differential with forwarding- reverse switch. 

Price and Specifications

PriceRs 28000
Motor 48V-1200W 
Controller48 V – 70 Amp


4. Gogoa1 ARAI approved 48/60/72V 3200W high-efficient regenerative BLDC Traction Motor Kit


This e rickshaw Conversion kit by Gogoa1 comes with an electric motor of 4kW (max 5kW), 9Nm 3200rpm, 48V BLDC, 150A Controller, and Throttle. This kit is best suitable to convert a new model like Bajaj RE, Piaggio Ape, TVS Auto, Atul Auto, Maruti 800, Tata Nano, Bajaj Auto, Maruti Zen, Hyundai Santro, Maruti WagonR and Maruti Alto. 

Price & Specifications

PriceRs 71,000 +GST 
Power output4000W (peak 5kW) / 48V / 60V / 72 V
Current rating <=65A (max. 100A)
Speed rating (rpm) 3200
Max speed(rpm) 5000
Current without load <=3A
Weight15 Kg




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