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Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450X vs Simple One

Ola S1 pro, Ather 450X, and Simple One are one of the most esteemed electric scooters in the Indian market. Interestingly, the Simple One is the most recent one among the three, while the other two have been available for more than a year.

While Ola Electric and Ather Energy have established their foothold in the Indian
market, Recently Simple Energy also debuted in the Indian market with their first
electric scooter Simple One. When we talk about the competence of the companies of these electric scooters, everyone has achieved sufficient market recognition but in the case of Simple Energy, there have been some frequent blunders in the delivery of their first model
that’s it made a negative image among the masses.

Ola Electric 


Speaking of Ola Electric, it ranks among the top brands in the Indian industry and has grown to become a worldwide company with operations on three continents. Compared to other brands, it dominated the electric two-wheeler market in India for several months. As a result, Ola is regarded as the top brand of electric two-wheelers in India.

Ather Energy 

Whereas the electric scooter made by Ather Energy stands out from other manufacturers due to the application of cutting-edge technologies in it. They regularly improve and upgrade the software and technology in their electric vehicles to improve the user’s riding experience. Their work in the IOT segment is truly outstanding.


Simple Energy 

While Simple Energy, a new manufacturer of electric vehicles, was established in 2019. This company’s headquarters is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Simple Energy received an overwhelmingly positive response from the public within a short period after making its debut in the Indian market.


With the help of our team of EV enthusiasts, We will examine the three electric scooters offered by these companies, describing their differences so you can decide which one is the best buy for you.

Looks and Designs

  1. The Ola S1 Pro has a very upscale and streamlined appearance due to the body design and material used for making it. Furthermore, the lightning and other components of this electric scooter are systematized in such a way that it doesn’t look ample and also makes it exclusive. A further feature that makes this electric scooter attractive is its LED headlamp and backlights, which gives it a trendy appearance.
  2. The Ather 450X has a very streamlined look from the front and its LED lighting also gives it a very aggressive look. Additionally, an Ather pack is attached below the scooter’s keyhole which allows you to carry a variety of Ather accessories.
  3. Both from the front and the back, The Simple One has a very sleek appearance. This electric scooter has a sporty design when viewed from the sides. The glossy body material and a touchscreen dashboard on a form make it a very premium electric scooter.



Ola S1 ProNeo mint, Colar glam, Marshmallow, Anthracite grey, Liquid Silver, Midnight blue, Jet black, Matt black, Khaki, Millennial pink, Gerua, Porcelain white
Ather 450XLunar grey, Salt green, True red, Cosmic black
Simple OneBrazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, Grace White

Note that Simple One has recently introduced two more exclusive colors but at an
additional cost.



  • Price of Ola S1 pro – 1.39 lakhs ex-showroom
  • Price of Ather 450X – 1.69 lakhs ex-showroom
    +20k more with the pro pack
  • Price of Simple One– 1.45 lakhs ex-showroom

In the case of Ather 450x, the pro pack includes some technologies and software which includes dashboard UI, Ather app, Ather connect pro features, Ather stack 5, and a lot more. If you opt for without a pro pack you will have to compromise on some digital features.


Additionally, because of different tax structures in each state, the on-road costs of all these electric scooters vary from one state to the next. In addition, the on-road charges include the cost of insurance and other relevant costs.


Ola S1 pro, Simple One, and Ather 450X have some similar and different specifications in them. Let’s take a closer look:


Motor type

  • Ola S1 pro – Mid drive IPM
  • Simple One– BLDC electric motor
  • Ather 450X – PMSM

Charging time

  • Ola S1 pro – 6 hours and 30 minutes to charge fully
  • Simple One– 6 hours for 0-80%
  • Ather 450X – 5 hours and 45 minutes to charge fully


  1. Ola S1 Pro comes with several exceptional safety features like anti-theft alerts, tampering alerts and AI enable battery management system which ensures the long life of the battery.


Features like Proximity unlock, Vacation mode, Hill hold, Phone-free navigation, cruise control, and Multiple profile keys also make your riding experience more convenient.

  • With Multiple profile keys, you can easily share the digital keys of your scooter with customizable profiles for your friends, family, and guests.
  • Proximity unlock allows your smartphone to act as a key and the electric scooter is unlocked whenever you come close to it.
  • Cruise control gives your wrists a break from holding on to the throttle, and maintain your set speed just by pressing a button.

You can access all these features by downloading Ola Electric app on your phone and connecting it to the digital dashboard. Moreover, this electric scooter has IP55 and IP67 certified to perform in all extreme conditions and weather.

  1. Ather 450X They have included some impressive features in their digital touchscreen dashboard, including a snapdragon 212 processor that powers the dashboard and 1 GB and 8 GB of internal storage, respectively.


Moreover, its digital dashboard boasts an Android open-source operating system and a 17.78 cm TFT screen with Led backlit in it.

  1. Simple Energy put greater emphasis on the technological aspect of the Simple One electric scooter, offering new software, improving the navigation system with the aid of contemporary technology, and incorporating them into their digital dashboard are some of the noteworthy features of Simple One. One of the most remarkable features of this Simple One is that it comes with two battery packs: one removable and one attached to a scooter which also results in its increased range. It also allows you to charge your electric scooter’s battery charge at home.

With the help of the Simple One app, you can get access and control of all the features available in the electric scooter. You can customize your feed according to your convenience.

Similarities Between Simple One, Ather 450X, and Ola S1 Pro

There are a bunch of similarities and differences in specifications available in Ola S1 pro, Simple One, and Ather 450X as described in the tables below

Specifications Ola S1 pro Simple OneAther 450X
Li-ion batteryYesYesYes
Automatic transmissionYesYesYes
Led lightningYesYesYes
Home ChargingYesYesYes

Comparison Between Simple One, Ather 450X, and Ola S1 Pro


SpecificationsOla S1 pro Simple OneAther 450X
Top speed116 km/h105 km/h90 km/h
Peak power8.5 kW4.5 kW6 kW
Acceleration (0-40 km/h)2.9 s2.77 s3.3 s
Range170 km/charge212 km/charge85 km/charge
Riding modesEco, Ride, and RushWarp, Sport, Ride, and Eco
Warranty3 years on battery3 years on motor5 years on battery
Max torque58 Nm72 Nm26 Nm
Battery4 kW5 kW2.9 kW
Battery TypeFixed BatteryFixed + Removable BatteryFixed Battery
BrakesHydraulic disc on bothCBSHydraulic disc on both


All of the aforementioned data tell us that none of the electric scooters have compromised in any aspect and standouts in their aspect. All three electric scooters seem perfect for the personal mobility needs of any individual.

Within a few months of its release, Simple On received overwhelming feedback due to its impressive range. The audience responded well to Ather 450X as well due to its durability and high build quality.

The Ola S1 Pro, on the other hand, has long been a favorite among customers due to the trust it fostered and the amount of work it put into nearly every element of an electric scooter.

According to user reviews, all of these brands provide exceptional servicing.

However, if you are deciding between Simple One and Ather 450X, you must keep in mind that Simple One is somewhat more expensive and that Ather 450X has a lower range than the other two. Therefore, if you decide to choose Ather 450X or Simple One, you have to make adjustments in one of those aspects.


In the end, it’s up to you to decide what features you want in an electric scooter; if you want one with great in all features, choose Ola S1 pro; if you want one with a good range, choose Simple One.

But one thing you should remember is that because Simple Energy constantly pushed back the delivery dates, customers who had pre-booked it had to endure a lot of inconveniences.
However, if you don't want to sacrifice any element, the Ather 450X is the best choice for you because it did well enough in the electric scooter's safety department and also provides longevity however, its price has drastically increased since the Indian government's recent change in subsidiary law.

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