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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/7-reasons-why-ola-electric-scooter-is-revolution-in-ev-space/Following are the 7 Reasons why the Ola electric scooter will be a revolution in Indian EV space: and How it is Best Electric Scooter in India? 


1. Right Timing: With petrol price in major Indian cities being more than Rs 105, it doesn’t make sense to use conventional scooters for city works, which translates a mileage of ~40km into approx ~3rs/km gives. And on the other hand, the running cost of an electric scooter is .20 p/km. And, an electric Scooter gives you freedom from the fuel price hikes.

The running cost of an Electric Scooter is less than the conventional scooter. Ola’s electric scooter gives you a range of 80 km/charge and that is fine but could be more as Bajaj Chetak E-bike claims a range of 90 km/charge.

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#Hyper Charge Technology 

2. Hyper Charger Technology: Ola Electric promises 75 km or 50% range in 18 minutes of charge from its 1 lakh+ hyper-charging stations in 400+ Indian cities. A normal home charger takes 5 hours to charge it.


3. Range of Ola Electric Scooter: Probably, this is the most important factor in any electric vehicle. The electric scooter from Ola promises a real-world range figure of 150 km. Ola seems confident about it. This will be the Unique Selling Point (USP) for Ola’s Electric scooter as most of the competition except Ather lags far behind in the realistic range.


4. Features of the Ola Electric Scooter: Millennials love feature-packed vehicles and Kia/Hyundai’s tremendous sales numbers are a testament to this. The scooter is expected to come equipped with double helmet storage, a 7-inch touchscreen display with GPS, 4G connectivity, calling, YouTube, etc.

#Wide Colors Option

5. Wide Colours Option for Electric Scooter: The OLA Electric has played a pretty party trick here by offering 10 color options out of which 8 have already been revealed, making it the most diverse color palette for EVs in India. (Reminds us of the same trick TVS used for their scooter pep a decade back with 99 color options).


6. Variants of Ola Electric Scooter: Ola Electric has taken a great decision to introduce 3 variants of 2kW, 4kW, and 7kW motors. The lower variant will help volumes significantly (expect super aggressive pricing) and the higher variant will bank on profits and add a premium touch to the scooter.

#Pree-Book at 499! Marketing 

7. Pre-Book at 499! The sales and marketing team alone deserves growth for this strategic move. They have already received 1 lakh pre-orders, and become the world’s first pre-booked electric scooter as it garnered a record-breaking 1 lakh pre-bookings within 24 hours, a good part of which would be converted into actual sales.

Not only this, but Ola’s electric scooter is also strong enough to carve its place in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, and soon it is going to be the leading e-mobility electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India.

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