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EV Skateboard Platform, Daniel Barel Co-Founder REE

A platform is the basic framework of a car, without a body, chassis, or power unit such as an engine or motor.

The standard car design needs are altered because electric cars don’t have an engine, a gearbox, or a fuel tank. Typically, a car’s engine and gearbox are upfront, the passenger area is in the middle, and the fuel tank, baggage, and cargo area are at the back.

Electric automobiles must need flexible wiring for charging and current flow, a battery pack that can be positioned under the floor, and electric motors that can be mounted in between the tyres. Therefore, the space for the front engine, transmission, and fuel tank can be used for something else. This gives rise to the need for an EV skateboard platform.

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What is EV Skateboard Platform?

An example of a configuration for an automotive chassis used for a battery electric vehicle’s platform is an electric skateboard. The batteries, electric motors, and other essential electronic components are necessary for an electric vehicle to be based on a base structure or platform that is part of the skateboard’s chassis.

There are numerous items that can be developed using a skateboard chassis. Although the capital expenditure is quite costly, the complexity of the cost of materials is decreased across and the scope of amortisation is considerable when compared to the volume of future products.

Any EV skateboard platform must be secure and dependable, and it plays a significant role in the marketing plan of the car industry. Because of this, creating a platform requires the application of advanced knowledge, and getting started in the industry is difficult. But many new manufacturers are anticipated to offer finished vehicles without having to invest much in pricey platform development if they can merely just buy an EV skateboard platform. Additionally, in the era of EVs, car makers may be able to assemble parts supplied by other device manufacturers and sell entire vehicles as their own goods, much like distribution. It is utilized to distinguish between their goods.

Producing EV skateboard platforms entails, of course, taking every precaution to ensure reliability and safety. In order to be flexible in adapting to a market that is changing increasingly quickly, one needs to have the necessary automotive abilities.

This new kind of skateboard platform is used in electric vehicles by global companies like Tesla, Rivian, Volkswagen, Byton, as well as Faraday.

In India, Hyundai, Mahindra EV, and Toyota are also planning on launching new electric vehicles using these platforms for significant changes like reduction in weight, fast as well as powerful charging, etc.

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Types of Platform Chassis

Electric vehicles can have a Monocoque, Ladder Frame, Backbone, or Space Frame type of chassis.

Monocoque Chassis

A monocoque chassis is incredibly easy to build. The car’s structure, foundation, and body are made up of all its mechanical components. Simply linked to the framework are the outer body panels, seats, suspension, engine, and gearbox. This indicates that the construction is highly lightweight and small.

Monocoque Chassis

Ladder Frame

The ladder frame is supported by two short beams and has two long, heavy beams. It is adaptable and simple to produce.

Ladder Frame

The off-roading capabilities are improved and the suspension could move farther and almost independently of the body due to its simplicity of production and ability to be moved separately from the body.

Backbone Frame

Connecting the front and rear suspension attachment points is a sturdy tubular backbone that is typically rectangular in shape.

Backbone Frame

This construction method was employed in the past and is highly distinctive. The backbone chassis has a high production cost, which raises the price of the car. Additionally, the stiffness is greater and can endure significant pressure. It is used to reinforce and stiffen the chassis.

Space Frame

The space frame’s chassis structure is triangulated.

Space Frame

The body panels have little to no structural value and are just used to join the suspension, engine, and body panels to a skeletal structure of tubes.

Types of Electric Skateboards

Different types of EV skateboards exist. A motor can be added to the front or back axle of the skateboard, depending on the application, or to all four wheels for increased performance or for commercial vehicles to carry heavier loads.

They come in several different sizes and are made for a variety of uses, including pick-up trucks and passenger cars.

Commercial Skateboard

The skateboard platform enables the company to construct vehicles ranging from tiny-size EVs and minibusses while helping to standardise and simplify the development process. This may also enable the automaker to simplify the assembly line and introduce new generations of EVs to meet consumer demand. The electric vehicle skateboard method makes sense in commercial vehicles.

Audi e-Tron EV Skateboard

Skateboard for Trucks

This Skateboard platform scales up and down quite easily, and many companies are already developing big-rig truck models of this same concept by essentially doubling or tripling the size of the semi-truck models. Semi-trucks are the enormous trucks that are used throughout the world because it helps in the transportation of enormous shipping containers from coastal hubs and airports to warehouses and stores across the country, etc.

Companies working on EV Skateboard Platform

  1. Tesla
  2. Foxconn
  3. Hyundai
  4. REE Automotive
  5. Canoo
  6. General Motors
  7. Rivian
  8. Audi
  9. Maruti Suzuki
  10. Toyota
  11. Tata Motors


An electric vehicle platform needs to be sturdy enough to safeguard the people inside in the event of a collision and rigid enough to withstand torsional vibration, which is the force that twists the chassis as a result of loading and driving conditions.

Additionally, the chassis of an EV should be strong enough to transport a large battery pack over the course of its useful life. However, it must be light in order to reduce overall weight, which has an impact on efficiency and performance.

Future of EV Skateboard Platform

The need for automobiles will only increase in the future, particularly in developing nations. EV platforms are necessary to keep car prices low enough and guarantee that anybody in the globe can own an EV after successful production. The output of cars will be able to rise many times over with the help of EV platforms. To lead the EV era, one must act as a disruptor who goes outside the confined space.


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