You probably know that electric bicycles are the future of biking and daily commute transportation. An electric bicycle is best suited for students for their daily commute (Schools, college, etc..) and adults for their morning commute (Cycling for fitness).

Electric bicycles are efficient, clean, and offer the best way to get around without stressing about the cost of gas and your vehicle’s maintenance. And it is the best mode of transport mainly to avoid the busy traffic.

With so many e-bikes available today, choosing the right bike for your needs can be quite a challenge. There are so many variables to consider when buying such as price, battery life, weight capacity, motor torque, and more.

In this article, I Will disclose to you some of the Best Electric bicycles which are really pocket friendly and have great values in terms of built quality and features.

Best Electric Bicycles Under 30,000 in 2022

1. Avon E-plus

Avon Cycle Limited, based in Ludhiana Punjab, is an Indian company that manufactures bicycles and E-bikes. now has a very much affordable and performance-giving EV bike that looks like an advanced bicycle.

This E-cycle was launched around 2016. this EV is so pocket-friendly that it will cost around Rs.25,000 only.


Specification of Avon E-plus

Range50 km in a single charge
Battery Capacity0.576 kWh low power consuming battery
Top Speed25 km/h
Motor Power and type220-watt BLDC motor
Self-start and Cruise controlYes
Seating CapacityOne
Load Carrying Capacity80 kgs
Charging Time4hrs to 5 hrs

2. Komaki Super

Japanese tech leader and electric two-wheeler manufacturer Komaki offer smart electric bicycle which comes with a good range along with high speed and pocket-friendly rate. It is an electric bicycle that looks like an electric bike, it does not require any registration and license for driving.

This electric bike is best suited for the daily commute of students and adults. If we talk about its price, then the price of Komaki Super in India is around Rs 29,500.

Specification of Komaki Super

Range60 km in a single charge
Battery0.96 kWh limited power Lead Acid consumption battery
Motor Type and PowerBLDC hub motor of 500-watt
Top speed35 km/hr
Speedo meter and clockDigital
BrakesDrum at both end
Seat TypeSplit
Load Carrying Capacity120 kgs
Wheels and tireAlloy and tubeless


3. Hero lectro C3

Hero is India’s most trusted two-wheeler brand, and the company is known for its high-performance motorcycles and scooters that also come at very affordable rates in India. When we talk about the best electric bicycle companies in India, Hero sells their electric cycles under the Hero Lectro brand, and this tops the list.

Hero lectro C3 is the best-selling electric cycle that comes at very pocket-friendly rates, it is priced at Rs 29,000 only in India. This electric cycle offers a range of up to 30km on a full charge. (You can buy it from, you will get the best instant discount)

Specification of Hero lectro C3

Range30 km in a single charge
Motor Type and PowerBLDC hub motor 250-watt
Charging Time4 Hours
BrakesFront: Disc and Rear: V Shaped
Self StartYes
Variant Pedal, Cruise, Pedalec & Throttle
Kerb Weight70 kg
Top Speed25 km/h
Battery0.2088 kWh Lithium ion

4. Hero Lectro C5

Another model of hero which comes under its Lectro series is there C5. this is also another cost-efficient electric vehicle that cost Rs.30,999. 

Hero lectro C5 Specification

Range30km in a single charge
Motor type and powerBLDC hub motor with 250-watt
Charging Time4 hrs
BrakesFront: Disc and Rear: V Shaped
Self StartYes
Variant Pedal, Cruise, Pedalec & Throttle
Kerb Weight70 kg
Top Speed25 km/h
Battery0.2088 kWh Lithium ion


5. Hero Lectro C5E

Hero Lectro C5E, as the name suggests is the most impressive and underrated model of the C5 which comes at a lower price of Rs 29,839. In terms of performance, this electric cycle is by far the best option as this bike is equipped with a 250W BLDC hub motor.

Specification of Hero Lectro C5E

Range30 km in a single charge
Motor type and powerBLDC hub motor with 250 w
Charging time4 hrs
BrakeFront:Disc & Rear:V shape
Paddle and Start buttonYes
VariantPedal, Cruise, Pedalec & Throttle
Kerb Weight70 kgs
Top Speed25 km/h
Battery Capacity5.8 Ah lithium battery

Smart LED Display with 4 Riding Modes :

  • Throttle (at 25 Kms/hr),
  • A pedelec (up to 90% electric assist),
  • Cruise (at 6 Km/Hr, battery powered) and Pedal mode.

With the smart LED controller, you can choose the riding mode according to your comfort.


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