Introduced a DC fast charger, UV Supernova.

This infrastructure is designed to enhance the charging experience for the Ultraviolette F77 electric bike users.

The UV Supernova charging stations feature two connector options: 3kW and 6kW, providing flexibility for users based on their charging needs.

Key Features

Ultraviolette’s charging stations offer Supernova with a 6kW capacity and Supernova Plus with a 12kW capacity. That can the F77’s battery from 20-80 percent in less than an hour.

Advanced Charging Options

Ultraviolette has set up ten stations in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. A new partnership with HPCL allows them to install charging stations at HPCL fuel pumps in twelve states.

Deployment and Expansion Plans

Ultraviolette F77 e-bike offers compatibility with its advanced features. With a claimed IDC range of 307km, the F77 provides an efficient and high-performance riding experience.


The establishment of this charging infrastructure proves beneficial for F77 riders, especially for long-distance journeys, ensuring convenient and reliable charging options along the way. 

Benefits for F77 Users