TVS Trademarks

XL EV and E-XL Names

Hinting at Electric Avatar of Iconic XL 100 Moped

TVS expands its electric lineup with an all-electric version of its popular XL 100 moped, as confirmed by recent trademark filings for TVS E-XL and TVS XL-EV, signaling the company's commitment to electric mobility in India.

The XL 100 has been a mainstay in TVS’s product portfolio, catering primarily to commercial users in the Indian market. With its enduring popularity and affordable pricing ranging from Rs. 44,999 to Rs. 59,695 (ex-showroom).

XL 100: A Market Staple

While specific details about the electric XL 100 are currently limited, it is expected to offer significant advantages such as lower running costs and a practical design.

Anticipating the Electric XL 100

The electric XL 100 is poised to become one of the most affordable electric two-wheelers in the Indian market, catering particularly to commercial applications such as food delivery services and last-mile connectivity solutions.

Market Positioning

The electric XL 100 targets the rising demand for affordable electric mobility solutions, competing with offerings like the Kinetic E Luna in its price range.

Market Positioning