Simple One

Electric Scooter

Relaunched at a Price of 1.45 lakh/- Range 236 Km.

Range and Motor 

IDC range of 212 Km certified (Idial Driving Conditions) with 6% SOC left. Top speed 0-40km/hr within 2.77 seconds. 8.5kW peak power with an in-house magnetization of motors.


The simple ONE scooter has a 5kWh Li-ion battery secured IP67 and a nominal voltage is 50.4V the scooter has AIS 156 phase 2 certification for its swappable batteries.

Charging Options

With lightning-fast charging technology, you’ll zip from 0 to 80% charge in a mere 1.5 kilometers per minute, keeping you on the move without any delays.

Price and Delivery Date 

Simple ONE has announced a new price which is INR 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom)+ INR 13,000 for a 750watts portable charger. The deliveries will begin from June 6 2023 starting from Bangalore(Phase 1).