Ola’s First

Electric Sedan

What We Know So Far

Ola is now gearing up to introduce its first high-end electric sedan. This marks a monumental step for the company, signaling its commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly transportation solutions.

A gracefully flowing roofline defines the sedan’s profile, seamlessly merging with the rear design and integrating flawlessly with the trunk.


The visualization highlights Ola Electric’s sedan concept, featuring a unique coupe-like roofline that echoes the distinctive style of iconic Tesla models.


It has a sneak peek of an octagonal two-spoke steering wheel with haptic controls, a standalone digital instrument cluster, and a landscape-oriented touchscreen with a floating design.


Ola's new electric car features a simple, sleek design reminiscent of Tesla's Model S and Model 3, with a classic sedan shape, stylish rear roof, smooth body, wide-set wheels for aerodynamics, and a sizable battery capacity.


Range: 500 km Battery: 60-80 kWh Power: 350+ bhp


The upcoming electric vehicle is expected to exude luxury, with a starting price likely to be between 15- 25 lakh. 


Ola is gearing up to introduce its first electric car in 2024, signaling a departure from the budget segment as it sets its sights on the premium market.

Launch Date