Ola Electric

Service Issues

In the dynamic world of electric mobility, the tale of Ola Electric unfolds with the inception of its visionary founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, back in 2017. Fast forward to today, Ola Electric stands tall as India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, boasting a remarkable valuation of US$5.4 billion.

The shutdown of the Ola Electric Showroom in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra

In a display of frustration, a group of Ola scooter owners forcefully closed down the Ola showroom, underscoring the pressing need for improvements in customer service.

Ola ELECTRIC Vehicle Woes:  Tweet Flags Service Delays

Ola’s e-bike sales are soaring, but there’s trouble on the service front. A recent tweet from a Reuters employee reveals challenges at a Mumbai workshop: 100+ bikes sit waiting for repairs, covered in dust and bird droppings.

Frequent Breakdowns, and Technical Malfunctions

On Nov 29, an Ola Electric scooter user received a bike from Veraval Center. Post-purchase, frequent breakdowns, and technical malfunctions occurred, with a motor failure leaving the owner stranded within 3 days.

Dead Battery, Lengthy wait

Ola Electric S1 Pro user stranded at Aadhchini Service Centre in Delhi due to dead battery. After a 3-day wait, informed that a new battery from Bangalore was needed, with an estimated 15-day replacement time.

Sales Over Service

The absence of substantial research and development. Reports suggest that vehicles are hitting the market without undergoing proper R&D processes, potentially impacting their quality and performance.

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