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In the dynamic world of electric mobility, the tale of Ola Electric unfolds with the inception of its visionary founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, back in 2017. Fast forward to today, and Ola Electric stands tall as India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, boasting a remarkable valuation of US$5.4 billion. The journey reached a pinnacle in 2021 with the introduction of the much-acclaimed S1, followed by a stellar lineup including the Ola S1 Pro 2nd Gen, Ola S1 Air, Ola S1X (2kWh), Ola S1X (3kWh), and Ola S1X+. The company’s success in the sales sector is undisputed, securing a commanding 35% market share in November, driven by a stellar month-over-month growth of 30% and an impressive year-over-year surge of 82%.

However, every success narrative has its flip side, and for Ola Electric, the important  question is, “What about the after-sales services?” While the company has triumphed in sales, whispers of discontent have emerged from customers regarding the post-delivery phase. Reports suggest a growing number of customers expressing unhappiness and frustration with Ola Electric’s after-sales services, citing issues ranging from unattended grievances to a perceived lack of attention from the company’s support team.

So, in this article, we will delve into some of the prominent after-sales service issues faced by Ola Electric customers, and look at the areas where Ola needs to upscale their service game. The following issues are reported by users of Ola scooters on Twitter, some issues are taken from the sources, websites, etc. 

The shutdown of Ola Electric Showroom in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra

The recent shutdown of an Ola Electric showroom in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, sheds light on a significant concern among Ola electric scooter owners – an unsatisfactory after-sales service. In a display of frustration, a group of Ola scooter owners forcefully closed down the Ola showroom, underscoring the pressing need for improvements in customer service. This incident highlights the dissatisfaction experienced by Ola scooter owners in the region, citing prolonged repair times, unsatisfactory solutions, and a perceived lack of benefits from Ola’s extended warranty, Care+ Plan, and Roadside Assistance (RSA) program as key grievances. Additionally, a communication breakdown further fueled dissatisfaction, with many owners reporting unanswered attempts to connect with Ola management through tweets, emails, and phone calls. 

Ola E-Vehicle  Woes: Tweet Flags Service Delays

Ola’s e-bike sales are soaring, but there’s trouble on the service front. A recent tweet from a Reuters employee reveals challenges at a Mumbai workshop: 100+ bikes sit waiting for repairs, covered in dust and bird droppings. Ola’s staff is struggling with manpower shortages, causing bike repair wait times to stretch from 3 days to a whopping 3 weeks. Finding slots for vehicle repairs has also become a tough task, exposing a gap between the growing demand for Ola’s e-bikes and the ability to handle service needs. This is one of the examples, but many users are facing similar issues. 

Frequent Breakdowns, and Technical Malfunctions: 

A user of the Ola electric scooter tweeted on November  29  that he had received a bike from Ola Electric’s Veraval center,  and from then unfortunate issues surfaced post-purchase. The bike went through frequent breakdowns and technical malfunctions and left the owner stranded due to a motor failure within just 3 days. Despite reaching out to Ola’s customer service on November 25, 2023, the resolution proved unsatisfactory. The representatives’ efforts fell short of adequately addressing the persistent problems, causing severe inconvenience and frustration. This is one of the examples, but many users are facing similar issues. 

Dead Battery, Lengthy wait 

A user of Ola Electric S1 Pro tweeted about facing significant issues – the battery being dead. The vehicle was stranded at the Aadhchini Service Centre in Delhi. After a 3-day wait for acknowledgment, he was informed that a new battery was needed from Bangalore, with an estimated 15-day replacement time. The user expresses frustration with the service experience. This issue is faced by many customers this is just one example. 

Repair Delays: Ola Electric Service Shortage

Ola electric scooter owners are facing a challenge after purchase – a shortage of nearby service centers. When technical issues arise, owners are instructed to book repair slots, but the problem lies in the unavailability of these slots nearby, leading to a frustrating wait of around a week. Despite the founder’s promise in an August interview with Reuters about aggressively expanding the service network by adding 100 new centers and hiring more technicians, visible improvements are yet to be seen. The current situation raises concerns about the company’s ability to promptly address the repair needs of its growing user base. 

Ola Electric’s Missing Research and Development

According to various sources, a notable concern has surfaced regarding Ola Electric’s product launches – the absence of substantial research and development. Reports suggest that vehicles are hitting the market without undergoing proper R&D processes, potentially impacting their quality and performance. In addition to the R&D concerns, another issue has emerged concerning the testing of Ola Electric vehicles in diverse Indian conditions. It appears that factors such as weather, humidity, and cold, along with various riding styles, have not been adequately assessed. This oversight poses a potential challenge for users who experience issues related to vehicle adaptability in different terrains and climates.

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Sales Over Service

Concerns have risen about Ola Electric’s priorities, emphasizing sales over services. Despite successful sales of its electric vehicles, customers are facing service challenges. This imbalance raises doubts about the company’s dedication to ensuring smooth post-purchase support. Ola Electric must address these concerns to prioritize a seamless customer experience beyond the initial sale. 

Ola Electric’s Training and Pressure Challenges

There’s a hitch in Ola Electric’s technical support – technicians might not be fully trained, possibly due to time constraints and pressure. This could impact the quality of assistance for customers. Ola Electric needs to tackle these training gaps and ease the pressure on technicians. Ensuring they are well-prepared will be key to addressing the various issues faced by electric scooter owners and improving the overall customer service experience.

Unresponsive Customer Support

A prevalent issue reported by Ola Electric users revolves around unresponsive customer support after registering complaints. Despite using the app for complaint registration, many users face a lack of communication and resolution. Direct contact with executives is not an option, necessitating visits to service centers. This adds to the inconvenience, as customers invest significant time in these visits without guaranteed solutions.

Service Center Struggle: Ola Electric’s Tech Shortage Woes

At Ola Electric’s service centers, a common hurdle is causing inconvenience – there are too many vehicles waiting for attention, but not enough technicians to keep up. This imbalance results in prolonged wait times for customers. To address this issue, Ola Electric must consider hiring more technicians or implementing an efficient scheduling system. Swift action in resolving this bottleneck is crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring a smoother service experience for electric vehicle owners. 


In conclusion, although Ola Electric has been a top player in sales for years, there’s a critical need to significantly boost its after-sales services. Success goes beyond just sales; a fantastic customer experience is key. Recently we conducted a survey on our LinkedIn platform and asked our followers that Which Indian scooter company had the weakest after-sales service?, and the response was clear – over 60% said Ola. To ensure lasting success, Ola must strive to enhance after-sales services, tackle identified issues, and, crucially, rebuild customer trust. It’s not just about selling; providing a consistently great experience for maximum Ola Electric users is the true measure of enduring success.


  1. I request Mr.Bhavish Agarwal ceo of Ola e scooters that plz.develop ur R&D dept..Provide the spare parts with lower price of all models plentily in every corner of India.Strong ur after sales service otherwise u will be vanished from market after some months.

    • Yes I am also so many problems with service .eight mails, tens of calls, tens of tokens no use. Not resolved vibration in rear side. Some where rubbing . Waste service here.

  2. As an Ola user, i strongly agree with the above article. We are facing the same problems in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, only one service technician attending 1000s of OLA vehicles plying in Coimbatore and surrounding. Worst part is there is no waiting place or chair for customers, third class treatment to elite customers by so called technologically superior company. Let Ola see, how TVS and Ather are handling their customers. If they do not rectify their basic essential mistakes, their plans of ending ICE AGE will backfire and make them shut their shop.

  3. High time the govt. should intervene here and put a halt on their production activities and carry out an audit of their process, quality and customer service. They cannot continue like this and waste the resources. Above all, the customers need to be more sensible in making their choices instead of crying fowl later.

  4. Hi
    I am unable to reach to OLA support for the charger refund as the bank verification is not getting completed and no one is responding not even on Twitter.

  5. 💯% agreed with all complaints. There is no adequate service facilities in any ola experience centre. Frequently found a lots of defect for which no slots are available for repair. Daily mar khate hai mechanic logo spare na hone ki wajah se. Bina spare ki repair khak karenge. Mr bhavesh agrawal you will be finished shortly, If you will not improve after sales and service like other company.. logo sare shop me aag lagadenge. Sab gusse Mai jhelrahai hai. Kyun ki paise sare leliye company ne.

  6. Ola ki Sarvice koe bhi show room wala nahi de raha hai
    Seal ke samay to badi badi batay ho jaati hai baad aasa behebe kartey ki onko koe matlab hi nahi hai
    ola se direct contact bhi nahi hota hai
    Intna invest kar ke koe responce nahi mil raha hai

    Ola walo se request hai aapne responsibility ko samjh ke kuchh kare 🤔

  7. Sales after service not satisfactory.too much delayed in service& repairing works.so as per my opinion I am not happy with my ola scooty.

  8. Purchased OLA S1 Air, stellar blue color in August 2023
    And got delivery in September 2023,however from October 2023 till now, the scooter Has stopped starting three times and service centre took 3/5 days each time to get it fixed
    But issue is still the same everytime


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