Matter Energy an Ahmedabad-based electric two-wheeler company has showcased two concept electric bikes namely “Concept UT and EXE”.

This time there are some new updates from the company and it starts with the introduction of a 6kWh geared electric motorbike based on the Matter-bike platform.


The bikes have a futuristic design, swappable battery, gearbox, and whatnot. We can expect that the range might be around 100km on a single charge.

Concept UT might cater to the e-commerce and last-mile delivery segment or it can be used by people ideally as well. 

Concept EXE can attract an audience that likes to take their rides to difficult terrains or to cover short distances.

Concept UT and EXE have easy charging options like swap technology that can be done even at home. The company has also introduced a HomeDock inverter that requires very less space. It can be used both for mobility and household energy storage.

Charging Options