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Matter Concept UT and EXE

Matter Energy an Ahmedabad-based electric two-wheeler company has showcased two concept electric bikes at the Auto Expo 2023 namely “Concept UT and EXE”. The prices are still under the veil but we can expect the cat to be out of the bag in the coming 12-15 months along with actual specifications and a detailed introduction of the bikes.

Matter’s USP seems to expand with every new vehicle introduction. In November 2022 they launched an electric bike called “Matter 01” with advanced features like Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System, High Voltage Energy Pack for performance E2W, Super Smart BMS for Optimal system safety, efficiency, and reliability, a battery pack with an IP67 rating, and thermally conductive lightweight metal casing and many more. Matter 01 is expected to roll out in the month of February 2023.



This time there are some new updates from the company and it starts with the introduction of a 6kWh geared electric motorbike based on the Matter-bike platform. This is a promising attempt as it offers more range and fast-charging options of less than two hours.

Both bikes will have different applications, versions, and looks but they will be built on the same platform. The bikes have a futuristic design, swappable battery, gearbox, and whatnot. They will break the wheel of age-old mobility and introduce a new concept in the market with the aim of more people adopting electric vehicles down the road.

The electric bike specifications are not open yet, but from the previous launches, we can expect that the range might be around 100km on a single charge.

Concept UT might cater to the e-commerce and last-mile delivery segment or it can be used by people ideally as well. On the other hand, Concept EXE can attract an audience that likes to take their rides to difficult terrains or to cover short distances.

Charging Options

Concept UT and EXE have easy charging options like swap technology that can be done even at home, this technology will prove useful to both electric three-wheeler and electric two-wheeler. The company has also introduced a HomeDock inverter that requires very less space. It can be used both for mobility and household energy storage; I mean you can always get stuck between the EV and the low battery conflict so why not hang with this inverter and remove this conflict once and for all?

Matter Concept UT Electric Bike

During the unveiling of these concept bikes, the founder and CEO of the company Mr. Mohan Lalbhai said, “With these innovations, we are creating options covering all the segments of Motorbikes. As a disruptor, our goal is to break stereotypes and change the way people in India use electric motorbikes; we are pledging to empower every rider with next-gen solutions which are sustainable.”


These concept bikes are a bold and exciting concept that showcases the potential of electric transportation. The concept bikes are a true testament to Matter Energy’s innovation and commitment to sustainability in the electric vehicle industry. It will be exciting to see this impressive vehicle on the road soon.

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