E Luna

Launched In India

Kinetic Green held an event to debut the E-Luna electric scooter on February 7, 2024.

In 1972, Luna was introduced in India by Kinetic Energy as a 50 CC moped. The production of it has been discontinued since 2000, however during the time it was available.


At that time, the term “Chal meri Luna” gained a lot of popularity among Indians because of its powerful marketing. Because it was so simple to operate at the time—it didn’t require gears.


The Kinetic Green E-Luna has an overall design similar to a traditional moped electric scooter, The front of the Kinetic Green E-Luna is equipped with square-shaped LED lights.


1. Mulberry Red 2. Ocean Blue 3. Pearl Yellow 4. Sparkling Green 5. Night Star Black


The Kinetic Green E-Luna is available in two different variants named as, 1. E-Luna X1 2. E-Luna X2


Range: 110 km Speed: 50+ km/h Battery: 2 kWh Brakes: Drum


It includes a grab rail, safety lock, saree guard, side stand sensor, rugged steel chassis, and many more.

Safety Features

The front leg guard, USB charging port, bag hook, and spacious carrying area are the features that increase the E-Luna’s efficacy.


E-Luna X1:  ₹69,990  E-Luna X2:  ₹74,990