Electric Bike Spied Testing in Pune

Electric mobility is gaining remarkable traction in India, surpassing initial expectations. This surge is particularly fueled by India’s status as the world’s largest two-wheeler market.

Among the key players in the two-wheeler EV sector is GoGoA1, known for its distinctive strategy of electrifying existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles rather than promoting entirely new EVs.

The company prioritizes electrifying traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles instead of introducing new electric models. A prototype of an electric Hero Splendor undergoing testing in Pune has sparked interest.

GoGoA1’s Approach

The motorcycle, draped in red temporary number plates and comprehensive camouflage, unmistakably signals a shift from traditional internal combustion engines to electric power.

Hero Splendor Prototype

Considering the prototype’s appearance in Pune, it is possible that the Hero Splendor electric spied is undergoing range tests mandated by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and other regulatory bodies.

Possibility of ARAI Testing

GoGoA1’s current electric conversion kit for Splendor boasts a rear hub motor with a peak power of 3.94 kW (5.28 bhp) and a continuous power output of 2 kW (2.7 bhp).

Enhancements in the Electric Conversion Kit

GoGoA1 offers its ARAI-approved and patented motorcycle conversion kit for Splendor at Rs. 29,000, excluding the donor motorcycle.