Aero Vision

Made in India Futuristic Electric Auto Rickshaw

The Greaves Aero Vision electric rickshaw was unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi as one of the most prominent projects in the commercial vehicle market for the transport business.


The first thing you will notice is that this vehicle is one of the best-looking Electric rickshaws designed in India. The color texture on the interior is very hard, which is clearly visible.


Doors are sealed, making it completely private and secure for transport and deliveries. At the doors, you will notice the top tri-color marking showing that it is manufactured in India.


At the rear, the Aero Vision gets simple double doors that are completely covered, giving no idea what’s inside or who’s inside.


Futuristic looks like we used to see in Hollywood movies. The front and rear get wide tires and standard auto rickshaw rims. High-Powered Stylish Headlamp with Powerful DRL. Closed, sealed, and assured safe transportation.


If you are really a fan of comfort and safe transportation, then this vehicle can prove to be useful for you.


Aero Vision

 Electric Auto Rickshaw