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Zelta BADGER Electric Bike

Tamil Nadu-based electric two-wheeler startup Zelta Motors is all set to launch its electric motorcycle in India. The Zelta Badger electric bike comes with a range of 250 km and a Top speed of 120 km/h which is very competitive in the Indian market. Here are the price and launch details of Badger Electric Bike

Zelta Motors is a youth-driven futuristic automobile company based in Chennai, currently having its office situated in Thiruvanmiyur. 

Zelta was established as a by-product of two ex-biker’s ingenious and passion for racing, and mainly to quench the urge for adrenaline every biker seeks in terms of unparalleled performance and aesthetic appearance. 

Rajeev Kumar, Chandrasekar, and Giri Murugan are the brain-child behind ZELTA Motors and its upcoming groundbreaking EV solution that is going to change the narrative of Electric Vehicles and set higher standards by unleashing more performance, style, and cost-efficiency that no one would have envisioned an electric vehicle could compile. https://e-vehicleinfo.com/zelta-motors-badger-electric-bike-price-range-and-launch/

“ZELTA is all about selling an experience, A thorough experience that a real biker craves, more than merely selling the bike”. – Rajeev Kumar, CEO Zelta Motors.

Electric Vehicles are the zenith of the generic revolution, and the fact that the company was able to bring alive the performance and style of an ICE bike into an EV, was audacious but the company made it possible. 

Company Vision 

To provide premium sustainable commutation solutions not merely for revolutionary features but for the unparalleled riding experience that a biker urges.

The world is about to witness the pioneer of an indescribable commuting convenience in EV. Groundbreaking features that ZELTA pioneered in EV. 

 Price and Range

Priceto be announced
Range200 – 250 km
Top Speed120 Km/ph
Charging Time30 min Fast charger and Standard – 2 hours 30 mins



  • Top Speed – 120 Km/ph, Very competitive Product speed especially in the current electric two-wheeler market.
  • Range – 200 – 250km/charge, the Best range in India as compared to contemporary EV startups.
  • Outlook – First Indian Zesty Retro Model EV
  • Self-diagnosis technology that predicts and alerts the owner/rider to any problems with the bike, 
  • User-friendly integration with the personalized mobile application,
  • Charging capacitated Ultra – 30 Mins, Standard – 2 hours 30 mins.

The idea of integrating innovation with sustainable solutions paved the way for Zelta to delve deeper into manufacturing revolutionary solutions most suited to the Indian market.

Launch Date 

The Company’s flagship product is a Retro-Modern EV Motorcycle christened “BADGER” that is set to embark on an enthralling journey with its launch by early 2022. 


In the first six months, Zelta intends to establish three experience centers in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. Following that, the company will continue to spread to various sections of the country.

Global Presence

The Company’s collaborations are set to incorporate in Singapore, and Dubai by the beginning of 2022. The first batch of deliveries is on its way to thriving in Singapore.


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