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Yulu Bikes is a Bengaluru startup founded by Amit Gupta in 2018. Yulu is a leading shared and sustainable micro-mobility solutions provider currently operating in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bhubaneswar.

The Yulu bikes work with manpower and battery power which uses innovative technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Yulu Bike Moto is for traffic sensation and reducing air pollution.

Yulu Bikes – Electric Micro-Mobility Startup


The company has two products “Yulu Move” a bicycle and “Yulu Miracle” an electric bike All these vehicles are IoT connected and can be tracked in real-time. IoT technology helps your team know where to put the electric bike in the right place

How To Ride-

  • Download Yulu app
  • Locate a Yulu
  • Scan the QR code
  • End your ride
Yulu Bike is simple to use, you have to download the Yulu app first then choose your location to unlock the scooter and later enjoy your ride and you are right in the Yulu miracle zone. You need to unlock Yulu 10 to travel and pay Rs 10 for every 10 minutes of travel.

 Yulu Miracle- Electric Bikes

The company’s Yulu Miracle is a small and light-handling bike. This electric bike has a 48-volt motor controller and does not require a license or helmet for use. With a single charge, this lightweight bike can accelerate up to 60 km, you know the miraculous 25 km/h.

Most importantly, Yulu bikes don’t need to go to charging stations, they can simply swap nearby stations and swap out lithium-ion batteries in seconds which can save time.

Yulu Bikes – An Indian EV Startup

The company launched its electric bike at the Wipro campus in Bengaluru to create an ecosystem for micro-mobility and environmental change. Bengaluru currently has over 400 Yulu bikes and the startup has received funding of $7 million from investors so far. The company aims to expand its electric bikes across India and convert India to electric.

Go Green Go Electric- is to keep the earth a safe place to live for the next generations.

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