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Yamaha Neo’s: Upcoming Electic Scooter 

Many automobile companies have launched electric scooters in India, such as Ola Electric, Bounce Infinity, TVS, Okinawa, etc. Also, many foreign companies in the automobile sector, are manufacturing fuel-run automobiles in India, and now they have also started manufacturing electric scooters in India, such as the Honda, Gogoro, etc. So, how can Yamaha get left behind? So, the famous automobile company has thought to launch a new electric scooter soon. The company, Yamaha has named the new electric scooter Yamaha Neo’s. The about-to-be-launched electric scooter will surely have better qualities than the electric scooters launched by other companies in India. The Yamaha Neos has many more good features than other electric scooters.

Battery & Range 

The battery power of the Yamaha company is proven to be one of the best among all the available electric scooters. The setup of the battery is capable of delivering the maximum possible power with the help of the integrated power unit. The super-powered battery can help achieve a range of 70 km on a single charge per the Japanese terrain. But, when it will be manufactured in India, then the range of the electric scooter can be around 100-115 km. The Yamaha Neos Electric scooter is expected to have a standard charging time of about 8 hours. And, the company is also planning to install a DC Fast Charger, which can help charge the battery in 1 hour. Thus, it can be said that the battery power of Yamaha Neos is great.

Motor Power

The power of the electric motor in the electric scooter is fantastic. The new electric scooter from Yamaha is expected to provide a performance of 2.5 kW power through its motor. It can provide a torque of 136 Nm in the basic model of the new electric scooter. In another variant, known as the Eco mode, the electric scooter can give a power of rating 1.58 kW.


The Yamaha Neo’s price is expected to be approximately 2,50,000 in Japanese currency, as it is a Japanese company initially. Its price can be around Rs. 1-1.5 lakh when it will be launched in India. Also, the state government subsidies and FAME II subsidies are there for price cuts in Electric scooters in India.

Launch Date

The Yamaha Neo’s will be launched globally, i.e. it can be sold in many different countries. The aim of the global debut of Yamaha Neo’s is expected to be by the year-end of 2023. Neo’s expected to launch in India is speculated to be around the year, 2024. The electric scooter has only been released in Europe at present. It is speculated that the usual specifications will vary when the variant will be launched in India the next year.


The overall comfort of the vehicle is excellent. The range of the Yamaha electric scooter is also good as it has been manufactured for Japanese roads initially. The primary frame of this electric scooter is ergonomic. The new electric scooter will be having alloy wheels. The power of the working system is great. The elegant and stylish design of the electric scooter from Yamaha is very fantastic. It is also speculated that the company will launch another electric scooter, the Yamaha E01.

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