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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/wmc250ev-worlds-fastest-electric-motorcycle-concept/Uk Based Two-wheeler manufacturer’s white motorcycle concept has unveiled the WMC250EV electric motorcycle concept. and claiming as this is the world’s first fastest electric motorcycle. The aim of manufacturing the WMC250 EV is to break the 400km/h barrier.

The distinctive style and highly aerodynamic electric motorcycle WMC250EV has been designed with the aim of breaking the 400km/h speed barrier. And the White Motorcycle concept manufactures is claimed to make the world’s fastest electric motorcycle.

The electric motorcycle concept gets a large hole under the seats and handlebars. This is called a “V-Air” and according to White Motorcycles, it can assist and reduce drag by up to 70% compared to a standard motorcycle.


WMC250EV: Specs & Highlights

(what we know so far)

It is reported to have two 20 kW electric motors at the front and two 30kW AC motors at the rear powering the WMC250EV. The combined 100KW is further paired with a 15kwh lithium-ion battery. with this, The current two-way speed record is 394.4 km/h, while the one-way speed record is 407 km/h.

The motorcycle is claimed to be made entirely of carbon fiber and aluminum, weighing only 300 kg with a massive powertrain. With its WMC250EV, the white motorcycle concept hopes to break both British and land speed records next year.

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