Yamaha Neo’s

The company, Yamaha has named the new electric scooter Yamaha Neo’s. The Yamaha Neos has many more good features than other electric scooters.


The range of the electric scooter can be around 100-115 km. the company is also planning to install a DC Fast Charger, which can help charge the battery in 1 hour. 


The new electric scooter from Yamaha is expected to provide a performance of 2.5 kW power through its motor. The Eco mode, the electric scooter can give a power of rating 1.58 kW.


It is a Japanese company initially. Its price can be around Rs. 1-1.5 lakh when it will be launched in India. 

Launch Date

The aim of the global debut of Yamaha Neo is expected to be by the year-end of 2023. Neo’s expected to launch in India is speculated to be around the year, 2024.