Why is Lithium the New “White Gold”?

Lithium is called the new “White Gold” because of its market value and its silver color. Here’s Why Lithium Is The New “White Gold”?

lithium-ion refers to a battery based on charge and discharge processes between a lithiated metal oxide cathode and a graphite anode. Lithium-ion can refer to a wide range of chemistries that helps an electric vehicle run on the roads. During the discharge and recharging of a Li-ion battery, lithium ions go from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode.

What is a Lithium-ion Battery?

India’s Lithium reserves are on a tiny area of land recently studied in Southern Karnataka’s Mandya district and have been assessed to be 14,100 tonnes by scientists at the Atomic Minerals Directorate (under India’s Atomic Energy Commission).

Lithium Reserve in India

The different alternatives to Lithium-ion batteries?

Lead-acid batteries have a substantially shorter lifespan than nickel-metal hydride batteries, which are also more secure and abuse resistant. These batteries are frequently found in hybrid cars.

Lead-acid Batteries

High-power lead-acid batteries are possible to develop, and they are also affordable, reliable, safe, and safe. However, their employment is limited by their low specific energy, poor cold-temperature performance, and short calendar and cycle lives.

Acid Batteries

Vehicles with ultracapacitors may accelerate more quickly, climb hills more easily, and recover brake energy. Because they assist electrochemical batteries in balancing load power, they may also be helpful as secondary energy storage systems in electric-drive cars.


India can learn a lot of lessons from China over the past ten years, China has aggressively developed in the EV battery market, capturing every link in the supply chain to become the industry leader in e-mobility. Due to significant R&D expenditures, supportive government regulations, foreign direct investment inflows, and aggressive acquisition of raw material resources globally, China is currently the market leader for next-generation EVs.

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