Vinfast VF7

Electric Car: Price, Range, and Specifications

Vietnamese firm VinFast has previously revealed the all-new VF7 compact electric SUV, which is scheduled to begin manufacturing by the end of 2023.

The light strip on the front is very crisp and forms a V shape across the front, reflecting the Vinfast emblem in full view. The front profile is very bold.


The pressed button gearbox technology, which is relatively new in the auto business, is one of the unique features of Vinfast VF7.


The Vinfast VF7 compact electric SUV will come in two variations, Eco and Plus, that differ slightly from one another in terms of some specification.


Range: 280 miles Battery: 75.3 kWh Power: 201 hp Torque: 310 Nm

Specs of ECO Variant

Range: 268 miles Battery: 75.3 kWh Power: 348 hp Torque: 500 Nm

Specs of PLUS Variant

Vinfast VF7 Eco: $37,000 Vinfast VF7 Plus: $45,0000