Vinfast VF6

Electric Car: Price, Range, and Specifications

An electric subcompact crossover SUV called the Vinfast VF6 was originally unveiled by Vietnamese manufacturers at the 2022 Paris Motor Show.

The Vinfast VF6 compact crossover electric SUV’s exterior is extremely sturdy, audacious, and attractive, making it a very high-end family electric SUV.


The Vinfast VF6 will be offered in two separate variants called Eco and Plus, which differ from one another in terms of Specs.


Range: 248 miles Battery: 59.6 kWh Power: 174 hp Torque: 250 Nm

Specs of ECO Varients

Range: 237 miles Battery: 59.6 kWh Power: 201 hp Torque: 310 Nm

Specs of PLUS Varients

Vinfast VF6 ECO: $30,000. Vinfast VF6 Plus: $35,000.