VF 7

Electric SUV  Launched

VinFast has officially launched the VF 7, a smart electric vehicle in the C segment. With a spacious interior, advanced technologies, and impressive performance.

The VF 7’s design is inspired by the vastness of space and objects flying within it, creating what they call the “Asymmetric universe” philosophy.


Emphasizing a robust and sporty aesthetic, embossed ribs connect the car’s sides, creating a seamless and athletic look. The muscular and angular rear end enhances the car’s overall power. 


The VF 7’s interior design revolves around the driver, aiming to create a space that offers a private and spacious environment, turning every drive into a unique adventure.


Range: 431 Power: 260 Torque: 500 Speed: 175

SPECS of  Vf7 Plus

The VF 7 provides internet, video, radio, Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity. The built-in map feature automatically suggests directions to the charging station.