Klara S

Electric Scooter secures a patent in India.

Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast, known for its premium electric cars since its establishment in 2017, made significant strides in expanding its presence in India.

50 days ago, the company signed an MoU with the Tamil Nadu government, followed by a groundbreaking ceremony on February 25, 2024, for a 400-acre EV plant in Thoothukudi.

The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter seamlessly blends traditional and futuristic design elements, creating an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance that resonates with a diverse audience.


Battery: 3.5 kWh Range: 194 km Speed: 78 km/h Power: 3kW


The Vinfast Klara electric scooter stands out with its IP67 waterproof design, ensuring reliability even when submerged. Smart Care recommendations emphasize keeping the battery above 20% for optimal lifespan.

1. Pearl White 2. Green 3. Blue-violet 4. Bright red 5. Rough black


The Vinfast E-scooter application employs Esim technology, enabling the display of error diagnostics, distance and cruise statistics, GPS, and safe zone settings.


The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter costs 35.000.000 VND in the Vietnamese market, including 1 charger.