Evo 200

Electric Scooter Price, Range & Specification

Vinfast Evo 200 is a fully electric scooter offered by Vietnamese manufacturer, Vinfast. This electric scooter is gaining popularity in the market partly because of its vintage style and strong performance.

The Vinfast Evo 200 electric scooter’s body design is straightforward and has a retro electric scooter appearance. It has a curved screen shows vital information about the vehicle while it is in motion.


1. Scarlet Red 2. Pearl White 3. Charcoal Purple – Blue 4. Yellow 5. Matte Black


Range: 203 km Speed: 70 km/h Battery: 3.5 kWh Charger: 1000 W


The Vinfast Evo 200 electric scooter Comes with a cost of  22.000.000 VND on the Vietnamese market.



Evo 200