Vegh S60

Electric Scooter Launched at 1.25 Lakh, 120Km Range

Vegh S60 Electric Scooter is manufactured at Vegh Automobiles manufacturing facility in Bathinda.

The S60 is a high-performance scooter that offers a range of 120+ kilometers on a single charge, making it ideal for city commuting and long-distance travel.

The hydraulic suspension improves the ride quality, and the fast-charging feature fully replenishes the 3kWh battery in 4-5 hours.

Digital Features

The S60 is the perfect choice for those seeking a stylish, reliable, durable, and eco-friendly mode of transportation.


The S60 is available in India through Vegh Automobiles’ authorized dealerships. The starting price is INR 1,25,000 (excluding taxes).