showcase all- Electric Truck EPU at Japan Mobility Show

Toyota is set to introduce its EPU concept all-electric truck at the Japan Mobility Show [Tokyo Auto Show] next week.

The EPU, Toyota’s next-generation midsize pickup truck concept, features a robust monocoque frame, ensuring both durability and a sleek, modern look as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

Measuring slightly over 5 meters in length with a double cab design, the EPU’s monocoque structure allows for a versatile cargo space that can accommodate a wide range of applications.

EPU falls in between the shorter and longer bed options of the outgoing Tacoma and significantly surpasses the Maverick in length.

Length(mm): 5,070   Width(mm): 1,910 Height(mm): 1,710 Passenger capacity: 5


In terms of design, the exterior maintains a sleek and functional appearance, giving the EPU a look that suggests it could transition to production soon.


It takes a more forward-looking approach, featuring expansive display screens, a minimalist dashboard, and a distinct yoke-style steering wheel.