Top EV Battery Companies Stocks in India

India's battery market is booming due to government EV initiatives, rising demand for renewable energy storage, and increased use of consumer electronics.

Kolkata-based Exide manufactures and distributes lead acid storage batteries, including automotive, inverter, and industrial batteries.

Exide Industries

Amara Raja Energy & Mobility, part of the Amara Raja Group, is a major player in India's storage battery sector, known for its industrial and automotive lead-acid batteries.

Amara Raja

Energy and Mobility

Tata Chemicals Limited, an Indian multinational conglomerate, has diversified interests spanning chemicals, crop protection, and specialty chemistry products.

Tata Chemicals

Established in 1954 under the Ministry of Defence, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) was founded to address the unique electronic requirements of the Indian Defence sector.

Bharat Electronics

HSCL plays an indirect role in the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry as a significant producer of advanced carbon, essential for manufacturing anodes in Lithium-ion batteries.


Speciality Chemical Ltd

Founded in 1977, HBL Power Systems Ltd, a prominent Indian company, started with aircraft batteries and has become a global leader in specialized battery solutions.


Power Systems Ltd

Ola Electric, India's leading EV company, invested USD 500 million to establish a Battery Innovation Center in Bangalore, set to be one of the world's largest and most advanced cell R&D centers.

Ola  Electric

Kabra Extrusion's Battrixx brand manufactures lithium-ion batteries, focusing on green energy systems and solutions for India's sustainable energy and electric transportation transition.


Extrusion Technic Limited