Electric bicycle manufacturers significantly contribute to sustainable development in India, which is a component of efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.

Hero Electric

A branch of Hero Cycles Limited, Hero Lectro E-cycles is among the most excellent electric cycle brands in India since their e-cycles are technologically advanced.


Its range of electric bikes is made to satisfy consumers’ needs and offer them a distinctive riding experience.


The electric bikes made by Motovolt have a strong motor that can deliver a top speed of 25 kmph in addition to cutting-edge parts like lithium-ion batteries.

Nexzu Mobility

Thanks to its dual battery technology, the e-bicycle can travel up to 100 km between charges.

Geekay  Bikes

Geekay Bikes is one of the most well-known electric bicycle manufacturers in India. It provides a range of models, including trikes, folding bikes, as well as standard bikes.


Indian electric bicycle manufacturer TruBike has established a reputation for itself in the domestic market.


E-trio is one of the most influential e-bicycle brands in India. With its top-notch goods, it has been able to fascinate customers.

NIBE  Motors

Its diverse branch provides the greatest and most stylish e-bicycles and electricals in its class and is engaged in their design, development, manufacture, and trade.