The EVs/PHEVs adoption rate is about 2% due to the huge price difference between EVs and conventional IC engines, the lack of charging facilities, immature battery technologies causing range anxiety, and improper awareness among buyers.

This step is mainly for the government to take. When an electric vehicle is completely manufactured in India becomes cheaper than imported EVs because of the less labor and transportation cost.

Required components for manufacturing EVs in India

The first fear of an electric vehicle buyer is the range. This can be overcome by improving battery/fuel cell technologies and increasing the number of charging stations.

Increasing EV related Infrastructures

At present mainly battery (Li-ion batteries) is used to power because of its unique features high energy density, cycle life, and comparative support to fast charging.

Improvement in Energy Storage Systems

The better experience a user gets in driving an electric vehicle the more user is attracted to purchase an electric vehicle.

Increasing User Experience

EVs’ success depends on the availability of power in the country. The electric vehicle will meet its aim only when the power is generated from renewable sources as it will help in achieving a net-zero carbon emission economy.

Increasing Power System Infrastructures