Electric bikes are gaining popularity in India due to their eco-friendliness and low cost. Nowadays, electric motorcycles are getting stronger and garnering all of the consumers’ love as technology advances.

Range: 307 Km Power: 30.2kw Torque: 100 Nm Speed: 152 KM/H

Ultraviolette F77

Range: 187 KM Battery: 4.4kWh Speed: 100 KM/H Charging: 2 hours

Oben Rorr

Range: 180KM Battery: 4.0kWh Torque: 38Nm Speed: 105 KM/H

Tork  Kratos "R"

Range: 80-150 KM Battery: 4.0kWh Speed: 85 KM/H Power: 3kW

Revolt  RV 400

Range: 150 KM Speed: 95 KM/H Power: 3kw/6.2kw Torque: 200 Nm

Hop  OXO Pro