Amazon Prime Air

For safety, drones fly low. During trials, customers had to put up a flag to show where to drop off the package and watch the drone's path.


Nuro R2 delivers without a driver and can be used in a fleet. Nuro P2 also delivers autonomously but has safety operators on board.

Starship Technologies

Starship technology includes powerful engines, sturdy materials for protection, and smart robots for maintenance.

Amazon Scout

When an order is placed, a human worker loads the package into the robot’s cargo compartment. The robot then uses computer vision and other sensors to navigate its way to the delivery address.

Robby Technologies

Robby Technologies is building self-driving robots for last-mile delivery of food, groceries, and packages. It was founded by two MIT PhDs in computer vision and robotics.


Eliport autonomous robots could load at a logistics hub and deliver packages to customers’ addresses, or they could dump themselves onto a pre-installed “trunk”.


TeleRetail offers a platform for the automation of logistics. To request a delivery, a user only needs to enter the pick-up and delivery locations and press a button.


At the core of the system are intelligent algorithms that can maximize the fill rate of any cargo space while considering the relevant packing and loading rules.


The most affordable, sustainable, and efficient autonomous delivery systems. It encompasses features like; Last-mile labor costs down by 80-90%.


By delivering the entire store instead of products, Robomart provides delivery shopping that has been under two minutes, with the average being under nine minutes.