Top 10 Electric Delivery Vans Around World

The electrification of vehicles is not limited to just passenger cars and bikes. Electric vehicle manufacturers are now tapping into the delivery van market, developing battery-operated light commercial vehicles.

Rivian’s Amazon Delivery Van

When Amazon decided to turn its delivery system green, it joined hands with Rivian Automotive Inc. for designing and producing 100,000 custom delivery vans.

Arrival Van

This one has batteries ranging from 44 to 133kWh. Imagine the range of distance it can cover, and It has a capacity of up to 1975kg.

Canoo Multi-purpose Van

Priced at approximately $33000, the Canoo MPDV promises 30% more parcel volume than other delivery vehicles in the comparable segments. 

Ford E-Transit

The E-Transit’s battery pack is a 68.0kWh unit, taking you up to 203km per charge. It is available in three variants: the chassis cab, cutaway, and cargo-van configurations.

BrightDropZevo 600

The company delivered a fleet of 400 vans to FedEx Canada. This electric van has impeccable features like 300hp engine strength and 390lb-ft torque. 

Lightning eMotors

Lightning eMotors, the fleet EV developer has struck a deal with General Motors to electrify the school buses, shuttle buses, commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, and work trucks.

Bollinger Deliver-e

The EV startup has announced that the delivery van will have five battery pack variants ranging from 70kWh to 210kWh.

Mahindra eSupro Van

In the market since 2019, the eSupro Cargo has a range of 112km, a top speed of 60kph and Equipped with a 72V lithium-ion battery.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo

The other specifications that make this one of the most sought-after delivery vans in the world are a 77 kWh battery pack, rear-mounted 201hp motor, and three-door drive.

Fiat E-Ducato

This LCV comes in two versions, with a 47kWh battery, a 79kWh battery and Makers claim that it can travel up to a distance of 370km.