At the 2021 Munich Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz previously displayed the Concept EQG in production form.

When the electrified G-Wagen debuts on the market in 2024, it will feature whole new technologies and battery options.

Mercedes EQG

Two battery alternatives will be offered for the Mercedes Benz EQG. The basic Li-Ion battery pack will reportedly be included with the car that will be unveiled in 2024. 


The EQG vehicle will be charged off within 30 minutes up to 10-80% capacity. It uses a 400-volt capacity architect for fast charging.

Charging Time

The weight of the EQG is estimated to be around 6,000 pounds with a 310-mileage capacity. 


EQG is expected to price at $2,00,000 which is priced more than AMG G 63.


EQS SUV will have a 580 output with 536 horsepower. EQG will have a futuristic quality as it is likely to launch in the year 2024 with the year 2025 characteristics. 

Launch Date