Electric Truck



Price, Range, Load Capacity

Semi-Trucks are also known as semi-trailer trucks since they are made up of a tractor unit attached to a large section made to carry freight using a sort of hitch.


It has a very defined shape but doesn’t appear to be particularly edgy, which gives it a sense of being very premium and indicates that its design is very futuristic.


Moreover, for safety and improved vision, the driver’s seat in the Tesla semi-truck is positioned in the middle of the cabin.


The Tesla semi-trucks entire body is created in a way that maximizes aerodynamic efficiency while maintaining the capacity and performance of an electric truck.


Range: 500 miles Battery: 900 kWh Charging: 30 min


Tesla predicted that the 300-mile version of the Semi would cost $150,000, and the 500-mile version would cost $180,000, at the time of its unveiling in late 2017.