Model Y

In March 2019, Tesla Inc. unveiled the Tesla Model Y, an electric 4-wheel compressor car. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Inc., is working hard to promote electric automobiles.

The innovative design and look of this electric car are what make the Tesla Model Y one of the most eye-catching, unique, and premium electric vehicles in the market. 


This electric car boasts several basic features like key card sensors, front door handle, rear door handle, mirrors, front trunk with Tesla’s branding in it, rear trunk, rearview camera, rear tow eye cover, and front tow eye cover.


It includes a high-quality door open button, turn signal stalk, Drive stalk, touchscreen dashboard on the right side of the steering wheel, driver dome light, cabin camera, hazard warning flashers climate control vent, center console, and much more.


1. Tesla Model Y:  Performance 2. Tesla Model Y:  Long-range AWD 3. Tesla Model Y: All-wheel Drive


1. Tesla Model Y: Performance – $54,240 2. Tesla Model Y: Long-range AWD – $50,240 3. Tesla Model Y: All-wheel Drive – $47,240