Giga Texas Facility Produces 5000 Model Y Every Week

The electric car manufacturer has officially confirmed via a tweet that the Austrian-based production facility is now manufacturing 5000 Tesla Model Y weekly which is approximately 250,000 units every year.

This news broke at the exact time when the automaker has been boosting its production rate worldwide to hike the market share in the global EV market and greatly reduce the company’s known waiting period for popular vehicles.

Production Boosting 

Tesla has reported that the company has finally reached the target milestone. To celebrate this victory the automaker has used a unique 5k logo that features Tesla’s longhorns and Tesla’s T within.

The special logo was used to celebrate the 5000 unit production per week milestone. This success has come as a huge confidence booster for the automaker.

The Tesla Giga Texas plant is following the footsteps of the Giga Berlin plant, Giga Berlin Plant reached a 5000 unit production rate per week in March earlier this year.

Tesla Giga Berlin Production