Launches Electric Tractor, Teases Concept Hydrogen Tractor at Agritechnica

TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment), is a key player in the Indian tractor manufacturing and export industry. TAFE showcased its commitment to innovation and sustainability by launching an electric tractor and introducing a groundbreaking hydrogen tractor.

With a strategic focus on expanding its market presence in Europe, TAFE showcased a diverse lineup at Agritechnica. The offerings included electric compact tractors, advanced utility tractors with HVAC cabins, and modular smart farming solutions.

Expanding European Footprint

The Tafe electric tractor, boasting 20 kW of power, features a highly efficient transmission, low-noise powertrain, and a powerful electric motor with over 90% efficiency.

TAFE E30 Electric Tractor

The concept hydrogen-powered tractor, boasting 55 horsepower and featuring a Simpson combustion engine, TAFE  also displayed the Euro Stage 5 Compliant TAFE 7515, a powerful 74 hp model with a 3-cylinder engine.

TAFE Hydrogen Tractor

TAFE Tractors, the flagship brand of TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, boasts a rich history as a major player in the global tractor industry since 1960. Recognized for durability, reliability, and efficiency.