CSR 762

Less than 90 days after its launch announcement, Ahmedabad-based tech startup Svitch has unveiled its debut electric motorcycle, the CSR 762.

The CSR 762 stands out as a sleek and stylish e-bike, turning heads wherever it goes.  The integrated LED lights not only add to the bike’s aesthetics but also ensure enhanced visibility and safety during night rides.


Battery: 3.6kWh Range: 190 km Motor: 3kW Speed: 120 km/h


1. Scarlet Red 2. Black Diamond 3. Molten Mercury


The e-bike also features an iOS and Android smartphone connectivity suite, allowing seamless integration with the rider’s mobile devices. The company has set up a network that supports a battery-swapping infrastructure.


Svitch aims to redefine e-motorcycles with the launch of CSR 762, priced at Rs. 1,89,999 (ex-showroom). This electric bike seamlessly blends innovation with a futuristic design.